About Art Space Urunga

The Art Space Urunga is a volunteer run Not for Profit gallery.

The Committee and all the other volunteers work for love of the Arts alone. Our aim is to provide quality art access to the local community and beyond. We are financially supported by memberships, donations and commissions on sales. Membership is open to any artists who wish to participate.

We run members’ exhibitions, curated selected artist group shows, private exhibitions, special community group exhibitions and art prize exhibitions. Also, within the gallery shop you will find many perfect gift items made by our members. Beautifully crafted jewellery, exquisite photography, quirky pottery, and a range of wonderful cards at reasonable prices.

Our Beginnings

In 2017 we started something small that unexpectedly grew into something amazing.

We had no idea that when we started that we would touch so many people, that we would start conversations about what it meant to be a community, and that we would make a little pocket of our town feel alive again.

But let’s back up. Urunga, if you don’t know it, is a sleepy Australian coastal town – the type that is almost forgotten now as similar places rush to build McMansions. Urunga feels like the place where time slows down. It’s not a pretentious place – it’s a good place for families, and retirees. It sits at the mouth of a gorgeous river and it feels like a place on the outskirts.

The locals call it a tourist town. On a Saturday night you could throw a rock down the main street and you wouldn’t hit anyone… but you might hit a bunny. (In the carpark behind the main street, which is only 4 blocks long, live several tiny wild bunnies, that once upon a time used to be pets.)

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