Annette Carse

Annette moved to Urunga in 2019 with her husband looking for a sea-change and wanting to live closer to her elderly parents. Annette grew up, was schooled and studied nursing in country NSW before travelling and nursing overseas.

On return to Australia she moved to Canberra where she completed a Degree in Health Education (with a focus on Community Development) which led to a career in the Public Service. Her most passionate fields within the Australian Government were in early childhood, family policy and community driven programs. She also worked in Aged Care.

Annette is enjoying living in Urunga and the Bellingen Shire environs which she sees as a thriving, vibrant and friendly community in a beautiful setting.

Since taking up residence in Urunga she has been actively engaged with community organisations such as the Neighbourhood Centres of Bellingen Shire (NCoBS) and the Neighbourhood Care Network (NCN). She also enjoys birdwatching, being a member of the local Bellingen Birdwatchers group and enjoys music and singing activities. She can’t draw or paint but appreciates all different forms of artistic expression.

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