Chetan Bloemhard


Chetan Bloemhard doodled and drew a lot on paper and in travel dairies throughout her life whenever there was some spare time. She only started painting on canvas using acrylics and mixed media a few years ago. She has no formal art education but joined a group of local Bellingen women artists, who supported her in exploring her creativity. She lives in the bush and is inspired by the natural world which she sees as the visual part of the greater whole to which we all belong. Inspired by Buddhism and the mystery of the unseen, her paintings explore these connections. 

Her work is very eclectic, sometimes pure nature, sometimes almost abstract. She loves the flexibility and ease of acrylics, because as within the natural world, there are no mistakes only opportunities. Little touches of gold paint are a common thread throughout her work to remind us that all of nature came from stardust, and that ‘we are golden’.


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