Geoff McSkimming

I am passionate about exploring artistic possibilities and expressing these ideas through my installations, sculpture, drawing, painting ink work….and photography.
My smaller ‘mixed media’ works I consider to be “..3D sketches”…an exploration of the ‘material lexicon’ – textures and symbols – that create meaning via their associations.

Small scale work as well as larger formatted works – I find both most enjoyable – it highly rewarding experimenting with the ‘language of materials’……and how the association of diverse materials ‘speaks’ to me especially while involved in the creative process.
Installation sculptures that are interactive also inspire me as a direct way of engaging a viewer- by trying to communicate an ‘immediate/engaged response’ via an art experience.

Drawing – whether it be ‘super realistically’ (photographically..)….or expressively…using graphite as ‘as painterly gestures..’…just love it.
Following my retirement after 34 years of secondary teaching I enjoy experimenting with various/any mediums to create a unique and diverse range of art forms.
Teaching adult art classes is just great – watching students develop and passing on what I have learnt.
I take inspiration from my wife Cathy, family and friends, numerous visits to Japan over the past 25 years, and living in the lush and energising environment of our local region.

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