Lyndley McColl

I enrolled in a TAFE watercolour class 25 yrs ago. The teachers asked everyone to say why they were there and what they expected from the course.
There were lots of good aspirational answers but I blurted out the real reason; it’s either this class or counselling and this is cheaper.

I had no ambition beyond a better state of mental health.
Quickly I felt my mental health improve as I became totally absorbed in the practice and could only think of that one thing while planning, drawing and painting. Hours passed and I hadn’t worried about a thing.

Over time my ambition grew and the art passion took over. I looked at the natural world, people’s faces, angles, light and design in a way I never did before.

There were artists in my family. My maternal grandfather made his living from art. I thought the talent had skipped me. Regardless whether it’s talent; practice and passion are the key ingredients.

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