Michelle Redman

I am a recent resident of Port Macquarie moving 3 years ago from the Yarra Valle Victoria.
Sculpting was a large part of my life until my small business took over for 18 years, now for the last 3 years I have again been very active creating sculpture.

I started sculpting in the early 1990’s, mostly using paper pulp but have wandered at times into cement fondue and found objects, But working with a sustainable approach, recycling, not making waste, using what’s at hand has always interested me.

My art is organic in nature; swirls, fluidity, watching nature’s unfurling lines, chasing the perfect curve.
Diving into the mystery of circulating energy is what I think about when making sculptures.

Recent European travels are influencing me at present. I aim to be making urns and vessels inspired by churches, galleries and museums, rooms of golden chalices, and ceramics vessels some 5000 years old.
At present I am crafting large vessels with paper pulp and local collected rocks ground down into earth pigments.

I know Katherine -Wauchope art Gallery – group exhibit
Port Macquarie Artwalk
Waste to Art – Wauchope Art Gallery – group exhibit
The Layers with in – Wauchope art Gallery- group exhibit
Port Macquarie Artwalk
Yering Station Sculpture- 2000 Peoples choice award Yarra valley group Show
Linden Gate gallery St kilda Vic. group exhibit
Salmon St Studios -Port Melbourne – solo exhibit
Fitzroy gallery- Melbourne – Group show
Warburton Vic. Community Gallery – solo exhibit
Croydon community arts centre- group show

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