Toni Southwell


Life got very serious for me so I decided to counteract it by adding humour to my drawings and paintings. It might be short lived but let’s see how it goes. I also made these paintings come to life through little animations.

Currently focusing on landscapes personified as a human’s life with all its scrapes, bumps and bruises. Toni questions ‘somehow we manage to navigate it?’ Thanking the universe for the uplifting patches of blue she says the horizon isn’t straight because life is kind of like that

Toni is exploring the clay medium and enjoying the process. Hey leaves were developed through a grief period of losing people near and dear. They are beautiful gifts that can be given to someone that is grieving or are stunning as just leaves hanging in your home or office. My leaves are available at various local outlets including:

Art Space Urunga

Dorrigo National Park Rainforest Centre

Image Gallery

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