Greetings from Hugh Wade, website coordinator.

Many of you will know by now that the website has had a major face lift … check it out here if you’re not reading this on the site.

Our eternal thanks and gratitude to Bryn Goode (yes one of Jenny’s twins!) and his fabulous team at Giant Media in Coffs Harbour.

After months of unsatisfactory non progress with trying to get the site updated by another company, one day Bryn called me and said he wanted to give us a website. Yes, “give” us a website!

Not only that, he organised a local company to host our domain, also for the same price, nothing. Many thanks to Webworx in Nambucca for their generosity.

Artist members … check out the Artists section.

If you want extra images or new words, drop me a line and I can update your details pretty quickly.

If you’re not there and want to be, email your details to me.

Please send fairly large images, the website prefers them around 2Mb and at least 1200 x 600

If you find any glaringly obvious mistakes or errors, please contact me.



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