Graham Patterson

My own creative area is with words.  I pluck words from the void and arrange them in original forms.  Sometimes a three line haiku, perhaps a longer poem or even a play.

Are the haiku insightful?  I believe so.
Are the poems worth reading several times or sharing with a friend?  I hope so.
Could you invite a couple of friends to join you in a reading of a play?  It is worth a try.  

However you need to judge for yourself as I may be biased.
I hope to have a copy of my book
Leaping Off a Precipice available at the gallery soon.  

I invite you to check it out for yourself.

As a ‘taster’ here are a haiku and a short poem from Leaping Off a Precipice.

Birthday carousel

giddy years go round and round

but you can’t step off.

The Jugglers

Our gods have tossed us in the air

we risk a fall but they don’t care.

Their skill as jugglers is, to say the least

not that much better than a clumsy beast.

We stay aloft, enjoy the suspense

we pray we won’t fall wrong side of the fence.

Don’t fret too much, it’s just a game

accept your lot; poverty, mediocrity or fame.

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