Sally Hook

I was introduced to ceramics in 1980.  I had an immediate connection to clay, realising that it would be my life’s work.
My learnings began then and continue to this day.

I have interest in art from early cave paintings through to modern art – and particularly with sculpture.  Clay is the medium I love because
it does what ever I want it to do.

I have had many phases of working styles and ideas  through four decades, learned from world class ceramic artists and been commercially successful  through that whole time.

 I hold a Diploma of Ceramics/Art – Australian National University, Canberra.  I also hold the Hiroe Swen Award for Achievement in Ceramics 2003. I am a finalist in national and international art competitions and exhibitions, holding the Merit Award in the International Art and Crafts Design Award 2016.

Further education and experience in Australia, France, Italy, Turkey and China.

Location: A forest half way up the east coast of Australia.

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